Friday, May 21, 2010

My Day Friday

We have been busy working on our garden this week. We have plenty of potatoes now so that is a lovely treat. I miss my friend Julie who moved away. She would come over last summer and help me dig them out of the ground. Great help for me and a great learning experience for her. I think of her each time I am out there digging and just laugh about the conversations we would have during those times of me showing her how to be "country".

Meredith watches "her" tomato each day and lectures me about not picking it until it turns red. Last year she never could leave them alone long enough for even one to turn red.

Benjamon is not that interested in the garden so I don't have to worry that he may pick anything. As you can see his patience is wearing thin and he waits to be pushed on the swing while I am snapping photos.

That's about all that is going on with me and the mini Reids. I'll leave you with a photo of a Mandevilla that is in bloom on my back porch. Did I mention I love the spring?

Oh...and here is tiny Elvis sporting one of his sisters hand me down nightgowns and what appears to be showing some gang signs with his hands. I try to keep them out of baby gangs but it looks like he's gone behind my back and joined one.


  1. HAHAHA, love the Elvis photo! And the red flower! You did forget to throw on a photo of Loretta Lynn...better add her next time!

  2. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I miss the Reid's too! Now I'm living the country life down here in DOOOORANT but wishing I was in Edmond!! I will be there the 2nd week in June, so leave some potatoes for me to dig up and get my hands dirty!!

  3. not sure why it said Allen...but you know this is really Julie.....

  4. You are so funny! I am impressed that you have any kind of garden with a new mini Reid around. You are awesome!!