Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Making Cookies Friendly

Cookies used to be mean to me. I would bake up a giant batch and they would sit on my counter calling out to me, haunting me until every one was gone. Those cookies would not be happy until I had eaten every one of them. Now when I make cookies I just cook enough for us to eat that day. So say I want to only eat two cookies (um, that is a lie) then I would just cook two. I take my small scoop and scoop the rest of the cookies into balls and freeze them as shown in the photo and then put them in an air tight container. This way when I want to do cookies I always have some on hand to heat up. Or if I want to eat a big ball of frozen cookie dough that works too.
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  1. HAHAHAHA, I love the title of this post~! Good idea, I prefer homemade cookies but its always way too much for my family of 2.5 so this will be handy. Cookies beg me to eat them too...

  2. You're so cute. My cookies do the same thing to me, but even the freezer can't keep them contained! ;)

    Tammy from tammy's recipes

  3. love your post thanks for the tip

  4. This will work better than hiding cookies in really weird places and then finding them 6 months later.