Friday, May 14, 2010

Indian Tacos

I used to love going to any kind of festival where food is served so I could happily pay my six bucks for an Indian Taco. Then one day I was talking to Mommie Dearest and said I really wanted an Indian Taco. She responded, "why don't you just make some." I told her I didn't know how and I got my hiney in my car and went on down to her house so she could enlighten me. It is super easy and super cheap. You can make a lot of Indian tacos for the price of one. And even better you can make it to your liking. Do you want a small Indian Taco with less meat and more sour cream or would you like a giant taco. The kind that will shame you into eating it in the closet? Either way whip one up at home and save some cash. Here's how.

1. purchase fry bread mix. Yes! They sell it at the grocery store. It's next to the flour, corn meal, etc. and it looks like this.

Just follow the directions on the package. It is really simple and is very tasty.
Then make your meat sauce. Here is what I do.

Take one pound of hamburger meat and brown in the skillet. Then add one can of pinto beans and one packet of taco seasoning along with the 3/4 cups of water suggested on the packet. Let it simmer down. Top you taco with this meat sauce, lettuce, onions, tomato, salsa, cheese, sour cream. Whatever you like really. And there you have it. One delicious Indian Taco.
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  1. I CANNOT wait to make these puppies! This looks way better than the fair. My favorite thing though is how You use the word "hiney"! HAHAHAHAHA

  2. These are really good. I wanted to make a Mommie Dearest joke but my humor is a little dark sometimes so you are spared the wire hanger - today.

  3. My stomach is rumbling. I will let you know how mine turn out!

  4. I've never had one. I'll have to look for this. Thanks for the info.

    My recipe is up too: