Thursday, May 13, 2010

Grocery Cart Review

I have been super lazy about clipping my coupons lately. Yesterday I decided that I needed to get back on top of things and make sure I stayed within my grocery budget this month. Now that the baby is following a little bit more of a predictable schedule I had more time to sit and clip my coupons. I got these deals from Simply Saving Savvy. I use that site and Coupon Princess to get my local deals. Here is what I got. All of these things are things we eat and I would purchase. You do not have to buy a bunch of stuff you won't eat. Most of these are snack type things but I did get a pork roast to serve for dinner within this purchase.

2 packages of yogurt
shredded cheese
2 Edy's fruit bars
muffin mix
2 chocolate milk
Salad dressing
snack crackers
Seasoned pork roast
egg noodles
tic tacs

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