Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Grocery Store Tips

Today's post isn't a recipe but I think you will find it interesting. I was talking with my friend Sara yesterday about saving money, coupons, grocery store trips with small kids, blah, blah. You know all the stuff us baby Mommas talk about. She is super frugal and there is always much to learn from the woman. She has three small boys so going to the grocery store is no small task for her. Here is what she does. She has a spreadsheet. On the top of each column is the isle number and under that are the items found on each isle. When she makes her grocery list she puts the items she needs on each isle under that column and puts an asterisk next to each item that she has a coupon for. Then she can easily compare if her coupon is good enough for her to purchase that or if she would save more money by purchasing the store brand. Brilliant! So if you really want to save money on your grocery bill you can do what I do and plan your weekly menu ahead of time by using the items you already have on hand and using Sara's spreadsheet to purchase only the items you need for that menu you will not be sidetracked into spending $200.00 at the grocery store and still have nothing to eat. Now my pantry is stocked full of items I have bought with coupons for next to nothing. I would incorporate bargain items. How do I know the bargains you ask? You can check out Simple Saving Savvy. She will give you the rundown on almost all metro stores. She does Homeland, Wal Mart, Buy for Less, Crest, Aldi, Walgreens and CVS.
ps. Sara shops at Wal Mart. If you too shop at Wal Mart and would like a copy of this spreadsheet emailed to you please feel free to contact me

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