Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fake BBQ

Okay. Here is the deal. Our grandparents gave us a bunch of pork. We ate all of it even though I don't love pork it was free. Then they weren't eating their part so that gave us MORE pork. This is super easy and taste really good. Pork Roast are on sale often and not expensive. Jamon makes sandwiches out of the leftovers for lunch for the entire week. Gross, I know. Who eats the same thing for lunch everyday for a week but it saves us money and he doesn't seem to mind it.
Take your pork roast, stick it in your crock pot, pour enough BBQ sauce over the top to cover, cook on low all day. Take out and shred with two forks and add a little more sauce to make it BBQ-ish. Then end. How easy and it is so good. I serve it plain or on a bun. I got this idea for Lynn at Lynn's Kitchen Adventures.

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