Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cream Cheese Carrot Muffins

Okay. I had to try these muffins I saw on Full Bellies Happy Kids. And since our dear Kelly whom I refer to as my sweet baby kitten already gave me credit for this recipe I must post it. Now I am adding my own photo to keep it real. My muffins didn’t turn out as cute as the ones shown on her blog. Mainly because you were only suppose to add one Tbs. of the filling. As you know I cannot waste perfectly good cream cheese so I went ahead and just loaded it on there. Then since Meredith had eaten about half the batter and she was “helping” I didn’t have enough left to cover the tops. They were still a super tasty treat. JR (I heard him refer to himself as JR the other day. Hilarious! I guess so he didn’t have to go thru the ordeal of explaining how to pronounce Jamon and all that) Anyway JR and I like these much more than the kids. I assume because it isn’t a super sweet muffin. More like a muffin than a dessert but I served it as dessert. Would also be lovely for a brunch or breakfast I think. Click Here for the recipe.


  1. hahahaha I'm laughing out loud at the "sweet baby kitten comment" :) You are right I am in training! But I agree- I had way too much cream cheese left over and I felt HORRIBLE wasting it! :) hahaha

  2. You also need to post your delicious Blueberry Muffin recipe!! I made them and they are yummy yummy, thanks for your help with that one:)