Monday, April 6, 2009

What do they say????

Well here’s the skinny on that fat question you’re all wondering. What do the cashiers say? In fact some of you have called me up at home to ask…..Most of the time the cashiers are very friendly. Especially if I have the kids with me and score a cart full of cheap diapers. Usually they will comment good for you or something like that. Of course there is always the exception. Here’s my example. I went into Homeland and had 4 transactions to do (one coupon will double per transaction) and I happened to have four coupons that day that would score me some freebies. I got up to the register, two crying babies in tow, and she saw what I was about to do. After she let out a big sigh she rolled her eyes. Right to my face she did! Bless your heart I thought to myself because she didn’t know me. How could she have known what was about to happen to her? I showed her the horns that I keep covered under this luscious head of hair! Well not really. Not as bad as I could have but like I said I had the sweet little innocent children with me. Lucky for her it was. I just told her we live on a budget and this is how I feed my family. I’m sorry if you find it annoying but I’m not doing anything that the store doesn’t allow. You should never apologize for saving money! Who really cares what the cashier thinks. And if there is a line behind me I will usually turn to them and warn them that I am about to do a bunch of wacky stuff and it will just take a minute. Most people want to watch and ask lots of questions. Don’t let the cashier intimidate you or make you feel embarrassed. You are not doing anything you shouldn’t be doing. I guess that’s all I have to say about that. The End.


    We would rock their world if we went together and they had to do it twice! We should track that cashier chick down and both of us get in her line! :)

  2. That is right, she sure didn't know who she was messing with!!