Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cream Cheese Pie

This is a quick and easy dessert that shows it’s pretty little face at the Reid house often. When hubs and I first got married his grandma (known as Mama) showed me how to whip this little gem up. Once, he made the comment that growing up his mother would always keep this pie in the fridge in case he wanted some. Awe, how sweet! Now ladies there comes a time in every marriage when you just gotta let em’ know…………I ain’t your Momma! Hope you enjoy this tasty treat.
1 stick cream cheese softened
1 can sweetened condensed milk
¼ cup lemon juice
1 can pie filling of your choice
Graham cracker crust (use the store bought one unless you’re feelin frisky. Then you can take 2 cups crushed graham crackers, 1 stick butter melted and 1/3 cup sugar mix it all up and press into a pie pan. Bake 400 for 10 minutes. )
Mix the cream cheese, milk and lemon juice until smooth. Pour into your cooled crust and put in the fridge until set. Hmmm….Maybe like 3 hours. I don’t know because we always take it out too soon and eat it runny. I know, I know what a hog! Then top it with a can of whatever (cherry, strawberry, blueberry or apple all lovely) or as you can see in the photo I didn’t have any topping so I just put fruit on top. And for you healthy eaters this can be made with fat free/low fat and is still great. Enjoy it! kreid


  1. I love it! I am going to try this one! mamma mamma

  2. This looks yummy...Maybe I will have more time to cook after I finish school... Graduate in a few weeks!!