Friday, February 19, 2010

Pioneer Woman Cornbread

I know that everyone knows the Pioneer Woman and all her loveliness but when I make one of her recipes I like to post it so that you can see what it looks like when a regular gal makes it. And so I can give my thoughts on the taste. Now here at the Reid house we eat beans and cornbread a lot. Especially in the winter. We always had it growing up at my Moms and I hated it. I guess I want to make sure my children are given the same opportunities in life that I was given. That includes the chance to grow to hate beans and cornbread. Seriously, if you are cooking on a budget you should try to think back to things you had growing up or even ask your Grandma for recipes. Chances are they weren't eating a lot of super expensive meals and you probably remember that food tasting the best. As you can see I use a lot of Jamons Grandmothers recipes because they are so delicious and also very frugal. People just didn't go out and spend a ton of money on food back then. Anyway back to the cornbread. Normally I use Jiffy with a few additions. I will post that little trick later. But I was out so I decided to try this. Now my husband believes that cornbread should be super sweet so he wasn't in love with this. If you don't believe a bunch of sugar belongs in cornbread then you will think this is a tasty treat. Click here for the recipe.

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