Friday, March 19, 2010

My Day Friday

Not much going on around the Reid house today. I have been baking up a few things to freeze for us to have after baby Wyatt's arrival. During that time the kids were very busy enjoying the spring weather.
Meredith informed me that she had taken ill and was on her way out to the hospital to have her hair washed. I said, "wait, let me take your photo before you go." Her response...."Don't you dare, I look terrible!"

Benjamon and Lancelot have been very busy today chasing after a squirrel in the back yard. The latest strategy is that they wait on the side of the house in hiding until the squirrel comes out and they both coming running like crazy after the squirrel. Here they are watching the squirrel in the tree after they have once again been defeated.

Lancelot has been chasing squirrel for years but only recently found his partner. Wonder what either of them would do if they ever caught one? I suppose I would have to find a new recipe. (No she didn't!)

And lastly Benjamon would like to remind you that if life has you down perhaps you should just look at things from a different angle to the see the world in a whole new light.


  1. Love the new "my day friday" posts. So funny about Meredith's response to the photo opp.

  2. So glad to see her showing off her personality and Benjamon too!

  3. Kim, you are a hoot. Congrats on baby Wyatt! Can't wait to meet him!