Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Benjamon!

My middle son (the sweetest of all sweet things) just turned three. Very exciting this year, mostly because he had such an opinion on how thing were going down. He requested a cars cake. After looking over the pans in the shape of a car I decided I was in no way capable of pulling that off. I told Jamon I was just going to buy one. He says, "remember when we were kids, our cakes had the actual toys on them." Hmmm...why yes I do remember that being super cool. So I went with that.

I have Jamon take the kids somewhere or play outside while I put the icing on the cake. Then we make a big production out of the very first time you see your birthday cake. Benjamon was hilarious. He kept yelling, "it's cars Mommy, it's cars, woohoo!"

"Woody let me introduce you to Buzz. You don't know it yet but you guys will be lifelong friends."

Wyatt and my Dad (also know as my manny because I drag him to the grocery store, doctors office, playground, etc.) hanging out and enjoying the festivities.

By the way we had the party at the park beside our house. It was lovely.

It was SO windy. We had to move the cake to the back of Papa Joes truck to light the candles. We didn't think it was ever going to work but finally Ben got to blow out his candles. High five for sure.

Happy birthday my darling boy. I wish you would stay just the way you are today forever and ever. Except for the occasional pooping in the pants thing. That I could do without.

Love, your Momma.

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