Thursday, March 26, 2009

Homemade Laundry Soap

12 cups Borax
8 cups Baking Soda
8 cups Washing Soda
8 cups Bar soap (grated)

Mix all ingredients well and store in a sealed tub.
Use 1/8 cup of powder per full load.

This is the recipe that we use at the Reid house. Now the tip to saving money with this is to use the 1/8 cup. It works and gets a load clean. Now your clothes will not smell! For example if you are used to using Tide do not expect that smell. You will have a slight scent of Ivory but your clothes will be clean and stains removed the same as any soap.

This is how we clean our clothes. Now a few weeks ago Tide was on sale at Homeland and I had some coupons so I was able to stock up on some Tide super cheap. So what I do is add a tiny bit of Tide to my wash just for the scent and still use my normal recipe that I made.

Questions or comments? Feel free to contact me. This recipe came from I get lots of good ideas on saving money from this site. kreid

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